Subject: Re: User Views
From: "Marty Leisner" <leisner@ESO.MC.XEROX.COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1993 14:28:46 PST

In message <> you write:
>> lower productivity in computers (no productivity gains since the 
>> introduction of the IBM PC in '81)
>> marty
>What exactly do you mean by this statement?  That computers haven't made
>Peter Webb

They had a slew of articles (in the NY Times, Fortune, etc.) on the lack of an increase
in office productivity since the introduction of the IBM PC...

Check out my column in IEEE Computer (May, 1992, Open Channel) about this...

Many of the "computer systems" I'm seeing are quite bad...its interesting how in a 
store no one knows a price anymore ("Its in the computer").  This is progress?

As a programmer, I'm far more efficient on an Xwindows/Unix system than on a CP/M machine...but
if Xwindows
programmers write code like I did on CP/M, there are no benefits (except perhaps faster

The gains for industry have been negligble over the last decade -- I think 2%.

One of the problems is putting a computer on someone's desk will not increase (in fact,
it may decrease)
they're productivity.  Knowing how to use a computer takes expertise, which you don't
find in a box.

The expertise to use a computer is something which is rare, and people don't relize
they need it 
(the prevalent attitude is 10 fingers is the major requirement to use a computer).

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