Subject: Re: DRM-incompatible licenses
From: Seth Gordon <>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 13:43:04 -0400

Pedro de Medeiros wrote:
> On 4/3/06, Bernard Lang <> wrote:
>>>Why would it be compulsory? Compulsory as in "sony wants it?" I
>>>thought we have come to agree that DRM is bad to begin with.
>>how bad ?
>>worse than bombs ?
>>funny that no one will answer that question
> And yet, you did by blowing things out of proportion. How do those
> things even compare?

SPICE, a circuit-simulation program developed at Berkeley, had a license 
that prohibited its use by the South African police force; when 
apartheid ended in South Africa, the SPICE copyright holders didn't 
bother to change the license.

Because of his encounter with SPICE, Bruce Perens encouraged the Debian 
Social Contract and the Open Source Definition to include clauses saying 
that open-source software licenses should not discriminate against 
people, groups, or fields of endeavor.

I would humbly submit that as bad as DRM is, apartheid in general, and 
the South African police enforcement of apartheid in particular, was 
even worse...