Subject: Re: DRM-incompatible licenses
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 17:31:01 +0900

>>>>> "Forrest" == Forrest J Cavalier <> writes:

    Forrest> I think Thomas Lord is correct in trying to steer
    Forrest> discussions back to business.  That is the point of fsb,
    Forrest> even if the discussions are on subjects easy to have
    Forrest> strong opinions.

Agreed.  However, I don't think the discussions can be avoided.

    Forrest> if you must go all the way to the Supremes to settle a
    Forrest> copyright/DRM issue, then there is a problem that a
    Forrest> business or community should try to avoid or solve.

Well, yes, that's what we're discussing in the abstract.  Are there
problems with the GPLv3?  Can the hypothetical problems be addressed?
If not, should we avoid using the GPLv3?

Tom's question, "what are people saying they're going to do?" is a
good one.  But the popular public statement is "wait and see", or
"we're GPLv2 or later, so I suppose we'll stay that way, no big deal."

Most people have some preference, but what they really want to do is
what others are doing.  If they're currently leaning one way, but
don't want to commit, they won't announce until it looks like a
consensus is solidifying.

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