Subject: Re: A Game (Email - Kelly)
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 04:20:17 +0900

>>>>> "Kelly" == Kelly Anderson <Anderson> writes:

    Kelly> Essentially, I am enhancing an existing client. I'm
    Kelly> essentially rewriting Eudora. If I'm not mistaken there are
    Kelly> more former Eudora users than Mutt users, but I could be
    Kelly> wrong.

Why does this need to be done within a client?  You're restricting
your market.
    Kelly> It's an interesting idea, the IMAP extension. I have a bias
    Kelly> against web based applications because I enjoy a smooth
    Kelly> user interface experience.

IMAP isn't "web-based".  It's a specialized database protocol, like
(though quite different from) LDAP.  The point is that if you have a
filter/scoring system that works with IMAP, any IMAP-enabled client
can benefit.

I guess both of these points can be refined to "why does your idea
need access to the client's UI?"

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