Subject: Re: A Game (Email - Kelly)
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 21:26:06 +0900

>>>>> "Kelly" == Kelly Anderson <Anderson> writes:

    Kelly> I know what IMAP is. I should have said "server based"
    Kelly> rather than "web based". The problem is that the client
    Kelly> would have to send information to this IMAP extension.

Most *nix-based clients have at least half a clue about this; I would
expect that Windows and Mac clients would be better because it's
useful to the institutionalized *coff* er mobile population in large

    Kelly> The other thing is that there are not spare CPU cycles on
    Kelly> the server, while there are on the client.

Do you assume the client workstations will have a fair amount of disk,
too?  If so, what I have in mind is a caching proxy, which speaks IMAP
on both sides and provides the other services.  The point of IMAP is
that the users can access their mail from any IMAP-capable client, but
when they're "at home base" they have your proxy services.  Although
the labeling feature is not as diverse as WebDAV IIRC, it is possible
to set attributes on messages.

There may be better protocols than IMAP for what you want to do, but
you can see now why I would start there, I hope.

    Kelly> How else would you determine the "role"?

"Any way you want to." :-)  Send email to the filtering proxy, for
example. :-)  More sanely, I believe there is an extension protocol
for IMAP.

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