Subject: Re: DRM-incompatible licenses
From: "Pedro de Medeiros" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 13:32:30 -0400

 Tue, 18 Apr 2006 13:32:30 -0400
On 4/17/06, Rob Teixeira <> wrote:

> Specialized media is by definition biased. Also, success stories are
> usually greated exaggerated.

Specialized media is usually biased against open source, specially the
non-Linux-oriented news sites. Some success stories were reported
there. :)

> An of course, no one claims there has been not one single success
> story, I am just pointing that there is not such general improvement.
> In general, the opposite is true, in fact, as can be verified by
> checking what the Linux distros are doing in that country. Conectiva
> lost virtually all of its market and Mandriva is not successfully
> regaining even a small fraction of that.

Yes, I know. But Conectiva was kinda... undermined so to speak. After
that the company preferred to target foreign markets. But maybe now
that Freedows is out of the picture, Mandriva should try to sell to
the government again.

> The greatest success in Linux
> adoption in Brazil is the so-called PC Connectado. It is however an
> illusion, as even the companies providing the Linux versions used bet
> their businesses on those Linux being replaced by pirated Windows
> versions.

It creates exposure to open source alternatives. Some people will try
it (specially young users eager to learn), as I have already heard
some stories. Windows is not necessarily easier to use (compared to
friendly distros), but everywhere you find someone that knows how to
configure it for you.

That is the kind of culture free software should try to create.

Looks like some people in the community are teaching GNU/Linux for
those who chose to buy the computer from the "PC Para Todos" Project
(formerly called "PC Conectado") with it pre-installed.

> Again, it's not about what is best. I personally like OpenOffice a lot
> (since 2.0, version 1.1 was a joke) but it still has compatibility
> issues. Should the whole world migrate at once to OpenOffice, there
> would be some problems initially but things would be okay soon. That's
> not the case, though, and compatibility with MS Office is still
> necessary and not good enough on OOo.

Maybe when tools that convert docs to open document format are
ready... There has been some pressure for microsoft to support
different formats. I think microsoft can't ignore it forever.

> I don't know about the Freedows fiasco, but willingness to create yet
> another "truly free software distro" is certainly not news and not
> exclusive of the Brazilian government. In fact the
> I-need-my-own-distro syndrome is one of the worse things I keep
> witnessing in my job.

Maybe not a full-fledge distro, but a customized one for specific uses
is still pretty much needed, like this one:

A good customized distro.

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