Subject: Re: Larry Ellison on FSBs
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 13:44:35 +0900

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Lord <> writes:

    Thomas> All of which is predicated on the current, needlessly
    Thomas> rival nature of GNU/Linux distributions.

Distributions are not software, nor software services.  They are labor
services, and labor is inherently rival.  If you work on SEL, that
time cannot be used on GMP.

Sure, technology improves, and relatively portable software services
replace labor services, as optimizing translators for highlevel
languages have replaced assembler except for device interfaces.  But
optimizing translators for very high level languages have not yet
replaced hand-crafted code in business applications.

Such hand-crafted code will exist as long as there are human
programmers, and it will inherently be non-portable.  The rival nature
of current software distributions is not an accident of industrial
organization, and it will never be unnecessary until we make human
programmers unnecessary.

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