Subject: Re: JBoss aquired by Red Hat
From: Alan Hudson <>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 17:10:13 -0700

Anderson, Kelly wrote:
>>The code is extremely likely to be open, like all code that 
>>is kept within an organization so the authors and the users 
>>are part of the same institution.
> Sometimes I would guess that code is shared across military contractors,
> although I have no experience or examples. I do know that theoretically,
> software written by the government, or a contractor, is public domain. I
> would guess that national secrets laws trump this law as a matter of
> common sense and law. (Interesting how seldom the two collide).

Yes, code is shared between contractors in an open closed environment. 
We have participated in a few projects where that was the case.  The US 
military is trying to learn how to utilize open source development 
methodologies without having everyone get a hold of the results.

I think part of this is motivated by having multiple venders capable of 
working on a project.  Instead of absolute vender lock-in you get a 
small pool of vender lock-in, with the chance of introducing other 
trusted sources.

Most of our experience has been real open source development though. 
Only the data is classified.  It's a much preferable way to operate. 
But we skirt the research community fairly closely, no experience with 
really sensitive stuff.

Alan Hudson

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