Subject: Re: Free Netscape and the Press ...
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 29 Jan 1998 02:48:04 -0000

David Fickes writes:
 > What I am proposing is a service to journalists that would 
 > function as a resource site for those backgrounders and 
 > "intelligent" commentary that is always needed when an announcement
 > like this breaks. It has to be broad ranging enough to be able to
 > cover enough territory and it also has to be effective (ie. they
 > should be able to get someone to call them back in a matter of
 > a few hours).

I'm more than happy to talk about freed software, and/or my
experiences making a living off the same, in my role as President of
Crynwr Software.  I've had good success getting back to journalists
promptly.  Feel free to point any journalists my way.

-russ <>
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