Subject: Re: patents
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 13:24:06 +0900

>>>>> "simo" == simo  <> writes:

    simo> Well in many European countries, author rights permits an
    simo> author to stop distribution of his work (of which he
    simo> transferred out economic rights for example) if changed in a
    simo> way that goes against his beliefs or may harm his own image.

Point taken; that's a general restriction that could easily affect
economic activities.

    simo> I am not sure how and to which extent you can apply these
    simo> author rights to software, they have been constructed with a
    simo> classical authorship work in mind (music, text, video), but
    simo> I think a good lawyer would be able to pursue the case.

I would guess that a typical example would be to deny permission to
use your software in R&D of weapons of mass destruction.  You might be
able to argue that adaptation of computations to high precision or
something like that constituted such a "change against my beliefs."

OTOH, I doubt it would be straightforward to use authorship rights to
prevent a hate group from using your content management software to
build its web site, though.

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