Subject: Re: The term "intellectual property" considered useful
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 02:59:34 +0900

>>>>> "Lawrence" == Lawrence Rosen <> writes:

    >> How does Tennessee propose to value software distributed "on
    >> demand" over the Internet for zero price for the purpose of
    >> such a property tax?

    Lawrence> Some states (perhaps Tennessee included) have been known
    Lawrence> to pass very strange laws, including laws forbidding the
    Lawrence> teaching of evolution despite its scientific accuracy or
    Lawrence> requiring the teaching of creationism despite its being
    Lawrence> a religion.

Sure, but the situation here seems to be a court decision; absent a
reversal in a higher court or explicit legislation, I would tend to
rank that as more serious than legislation.

In _Up the Organization_, Robert Townsend wrote "The controller must
_never_ lose his head; that's what we have managements for."  Or
something pretty close to that---anyway, seems to me that writing
silly laws is what we have legislatures for.  It's an embarrassing
job, but somebody has to do it so the courts don't.  Or am I just
dreaming? :-)

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