Subject: Re: Business
From: "David H. Lynch Jr." <>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 01:35:56 -0400

    While browsing Dice and Monster & ....

    Another thought came to my head:

          How do  the staffing companies pick up their leads ?

          Obviously the biggies have little difficulty.
          But their are zillions of miniature staffing companies out
there, that are at least as obscure as I am, and they know how to get leads.

          And a few phone calls from some of them should make it pretty
clear they are not getting them via local schmoozing.

        I think I dumped a massive dissertation on myself onto this list
previously (at someone's request).
       Regardless, I am somewhat well known locally. As my wife put's it
"I am the geek other geeks come to for answers" - basically the local
       Though unlike most of my friends I can put on a suit and tie and
look "normal" when necessary.

    At the moment, I would take most anything that would put bread on
the table, and likely will start looking for maintenance contracts with
local small businesses.
    I have some kind of clue how to find them. I know how to talk their
language. Whatever they are running I know it.

    But I am really looking for software development - particularly
challenging work. I have baby sat computers and networks running pretty
much everything you could find in a small business, for most of the past
30 years.
    I am good at it, but I do not really enjoy it. Further, the vast
majority of the work is going to be Windows, and that does not make it
more pleasant. I do not think anything can ruin a weekend more than an
Exchange server with PMS.
    I have also done Web work, and Business systems pretty much for the
same period, and I am only slightly less enthusiastic about doing more
of that.

    I just finished a software upgrade for an automated warehouse -
making cranes run around and moving pallets by computer control. That is
at the low end of my scale of fun.
    What inspires me is working in the dark - bringing up a new embedded
system with no fancy tools. Very little is more rewarding than getting a
mindless lump of silicon to say hello, flash an LED or whatever
constitutes coming to life.

    That is one of the reasons I am looking for consulting - I do not
want the same work over and over every month.

    I see posts on Job boards that want someone with 5 years of Java,
UML, Rational Rose, MPEG, and QA experience. I do not have those
"qualifications" though I could do the job easily, but the thought of
being stuck in exactly that rut even month after month is mind numbing.
I might have to write an accounting program just to keep from going batty.

    Anyway the real question still is has anyone got a clue where
staffing companies get their leads ?

    I have had a minuscule amount of success, reading staffing company
job posts and web searching to find the real client - I am sure some of
the IP people on the list are going to explain to me how that is
stealing because the Staffing Company "Owns" the right to place the job.
But we already diverge on what can and can't be owned.


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