Subject: Re: Free Software Business mailing list
From: (Sergio Ciccolella)
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 93 18:48:54 PST

> I have the pleasure of announcing a new mailing list, Free Software
> Business.  The guiding assumption of this mailing list is that free
> software works as a business model.  Discussion should be centered
> around how to make it work better.  This will NOT be gnu.misc.discuss.

Thanks for your notice, I sent E-mail to fsb-request.

I'm interested in submitting an issue for discussion but I'm
confused if this is a news group that I should then read or
whether the distribution will happen automatically.  I guess
I'm a news newbie!

My issue is how embedded systems manufacturers might be dealing
with the LGPL and I will elaborate when I hear about how you
would like issues presented.

Sergio Ciccolella