Subject: Re: The term "intellectual property" considered useful
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 17:55:38 +0900

>>>>> "David" == David H Lynch, <David> writes:

    David>     I beleive I have mostly been very careful not to assign
    David> specific positions to anyone.

When you are responding to a specific message of mine, and use the
word "you", it is entirely reasonable for me to assume that you mean
the position you attribute to the second person is intended to be
attributed to me.  If you call that "careful not to attribute" ....

    David>      Would you  please actually read what I wrote.

    David>           My remarks above are not my views.
You wrote "we".  In the English language that I was taught, "we"
includes "I".  Normally when one is talking about third parties, one
writes "they" or a descriptive noun.

It is true that in some places you were explicit about what is or what
is not your view.  In the particular case of beliefs about software
patents, however, you said "we."

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