Subject: Blankenhorn on Open Source models.
From: Taran Rampersad <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 21:35:52 -0400


    * *The IBM <>Model*  All in one. You don't even
      have to know it's open source. You tell them what your system has
      to do, they make it happen, you pay the bill.
    * *The Covalent <> Model*  This might also
      be called the project model. Make yourself an expert in a specific
      open source package, in this case Apache and related projects.
    * *The JBoss <> Model*  Bring together
      superstars in a particular area and sell their pooled knowledge.
    * *The Red Hat <> Model*  An open source
      variation on the Microsoft model. Build a basic stack, and then
      build on it.
    * *The Ingres <> Model*  Spin-out a failed
      commercial product into an open source start-up, as Computer
      Associates did with Ingres.
    * *The NewCo Model*  There are lots of these, companies born of new
      software which they chose to make open source in one way or another.
    * *The Me Model*  This is how a lot of real-world open source
      support is getting done, individuals with expertise in a
      particular package gathering a collection of clients around them."


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