Subject: Re: Users Views
From: Tim Wicinski <uunet!!wicinski@UUCP-GW-2.PA.DEC.COM>
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 93 22:21:52 PST

    > Look at drafting.  10 years ago, most companies had to draft things by
    > hand, now they are done with packages like AutoCad, Designer, etc.  If
    > you've ever had to edit a E size document by hand, then you would
    > realize that making changes with a computer based document is much
    > faster.
    I'd expect this to be an area where there have, indeed, been major
    productivity increases.

Do either of you know Drafting people/Architects?  Not sure about your
crowd, but i know a few architects (on the east coast) that can draw AND
update documents faster than someone running AutoCAD (I have seen this
with my own eyes). Most Architects complain that autocad is too slow,
too cumbersome, and does not give the printing/viewing resolution for
many drawings (ie, 300 dpi is not fine enough).

I'd like to see someone do a free cad package of sorts - something to
either take on autocad or some of the vlsi layout packages. Their is a
BIG business in that, since so many cad people can't stand what is there
now (ask any synopsis/verilog/cadence user for their input on this).