Subject: Re: "open source" -- new term for libre software
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 18:52:34 -0800

At 18:19 -0800 on 2/9/98, John Gilmore wrote:

> Cygnus looked for better words than "free software" too, and never
> found any that caught on.  "Sourceware" was our try.

Cygnus also laid restrictions on "Sourceware" that appeared (to me, at
least) to prevent others from using it.  SIGH.  I imagine they still
hold the trademark; if they were willing to give it away for general
use, I might be willing to support it.

I agree with the assessment of "Open Source", however.  Every time I
see the word "Open" in a name these daze, I wince.  The Open Group,
for instance, sends nasty letters to folks who try to refer to Linux
as "UNIX-like"...  If they were REALLY open, they would be working
*with* the Linux and *BSD* communities to promote (ahem) Linux-like
operating systems...


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