Subject: Re: On "Net Neutrality" and HR 5417
From: "David H. Lynch Jr." <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 10:45:50 -0400

Seth Johnson wrote:
> Innovation on the Internet is based on individuals being able to
> develop new ways to use communications.
> It is not that like "types" of "content, services or
> applications" must be treated equally -- it is rather that
> anybody can create a new convention.  Any group of at least two
> people can decide on a particular interpretation they wish to
> apply to a particular arrangement of digits, and mutually agree
> to apply these rules on both ends of their Internet connections. 
> It's the flexibility of the transport, not the equality of
> "types" of stuff being transported, that makes this possible.
    I am sure that alot of people of analyzed the language at greater
depth than I have, but my reading did not lead me to the same
conclusions you have reached.

    What bothered me was the virtual carte blanche for security.

    My reading sugested that I can run (or create) any kind of new
outward facing service I wish on an internet connected system and my ISP
is obligated not to interfere - they can not just drop or block it.
HOWEVER, if in their oppinion, anything that I do constitutes a security
risk they are free to do as they please. I can easily argue that
anything can constitute a security threat.
Virtually by definition any service offered over the internet also poses
a security threat. An interenet service allows one system (hopefully
with limits) to direct the operations of another.

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