Subject: Nokia 770 (was: Anyone know of a free software business list?)
From: Laurent GUERBY <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 22:12:58 +0200

On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 19:50 -0400, simo wrote:
> The official Nokia price is 360 Euros in Europe and 360 Dollars in USA.
> Yes it is strange, but they keep the same numerical value in the 2
> currencies.

Note that if you have the occasion to attend a conference where the
Nokia people are talking about the Nokia 770, go for it, I did
at FOSDEM 2006 and it was really interesting.

It looks like they behave like a small free software plus hardware
company within the big Nokia company. They talked about the culture
clash needed to get a free software platform on a consumer device
in a consumer company.

One insight was that the mere idea of having a "bugzilla" where
"customers" could complain and in some form the company is acknowledging
problems is something that consumer companies *never ever* do. The 770
team fought a lot for this "simple" thing we take for granted
in the free software-only world :).

Nokia is still a consumer company on many aspects though:

1/ They'll refuse to support your unit outside of the country where you
bought it, that obviously goes with the "same number" pricing in EUR and
USD. That also goes against the global company, global support...

2/ They have (or had) screen reliability problem with the device,
some of them fail after about a dozen or so cycles (happened
to a friend, seen a few times on the mailing lists, no problem with mine
after a few monthes), they replace it without fuss but it takes a few