Subject: BoCon - Open-Source Conference - Speaking opportunities
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 13:37:20 -0600 (MDT)

Hello FSB,

I live in Boise, Idaho.  We are a relatively small town (~300,000), but
have a booming tech industry.  Boise has been growing rapidly for many
years now.  Californians are moving up here for the tech jobs and cheap
housing a little more than we would like.

Anyway, the point is Boise is relatively young and undeveloped but has a
lot of potential and this is why we are starting a new Open-Source
conference called BoCon.  See

The purpose of BoCon is to 1) promote Open-Source culture as it relates to
software, music and art and 2) to explore ways of creating successful
careers with-in an "Open" framework.  The hope is to bring together
hackers, software developers, musicians, artists and the tech industry and
expose them to the benefits of collaboration and sharing in a realistic
way.  BoCon will consist of a series of projects, hands-on workshops,
exhibits and speakers.

There are many things going on, but I'll just mention one of the
sub-projects briefly.  That is the Open-Sculpture project.  We have
gathered together some of the top roboticists, sculptors, embedded
developers and experimental audio folks from the area to create a robotic
sculpture which will incorporate audio, light and motion.  This sculpture
will expose a simple programing language and API which will be
programmable at BoCon.  Visitors will be able to submit programs via a web
API which will run on the sculpture.  All plans and software will of
course be Open-Source.

We are also looking for speakers.  Specifically, we would love to get ESR
out here, but don't quite know how to get past his filters.  There are a
number of others who's names I see regularly on FSB that we would love to
have including our generous FSB founder Russ Nelson.  If you would be
interested in speaking at BoCon about Open-Source business or know how we
can get our foot in the door with any of the big names in OS please
contact me by email at the address above.  We do not have a large budget
but can cover at least airfare and hotel.

BoCon 2006 will occur on a Saturday in late September or October at the
Visual Arts Collective and Boise
State University college of engineering

This is a great opportunity to break new ground in Open-Source business.

Thank you,

Joseph Coffland

Cauldron Development LLC
Open-Source Web & Software Services