Subject: Re: Tom W. Bell paper
From: <>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 13:15:07 +0900

Thomas Lord writes:

 > You also haven't seen any government or all governments
 > collectively put trillions of dollars on the table for serious
 > scientific research that is _not_ going to bring out a finite
 > product in less than 5 years.  Not now, not once, not ever.

Any biography of Sen. Proxmire will present ample evidence. :-)

In fact, in the late 70s the U.S. Congress passed a requirement for
the defense budget (Mansfield Amendment, IIRC) that required that each
project be justified entirely in terms of the weapons system it was
supposed to support.  Any claim that the research might have social or
commercial applications could, and was, used as an argument against
funding, or for reducing funding.