Subject: temporary all-market zone (was Re: idea futures markets)
From: Kragen Javier Sitaker <>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 17:49:19 -0400 (EDT)

Stephen Turnbull writes:
> Don Marti writes:
>  > (The market extremists need their own version of
>  > Burning Man -- instead of a temporary market-free
>  > zone, a temporary all-market zone where you can
>  > let your inner Homo Economicus get out and play for
>  > a week.)
> It's called "the world that we live in."  You can do anything you like
> in the privacy of your own home.  (Well, maybe playing Monopoly with
> real money is a crime in the DPRK.)

As Burning Man demonstrates, there's a difference between riding a
bicycle in a chicken suit in your own northeast 40, and doing it with
thirty thousand other people.  When I had diarrhea in Ecuador last
week, I dashed into the bus-station restroom, and I had to buy toilet
paper from a young woman sitting at a card table inside.  Drivers
charge hitchhikers money here in Peru --- and not just gringos.  I
think I blundered into a permanent all-market zone and I don't like
it, although it has its pluses; music, movies, and internet access are
awfully cheap and easy to access, and there are vocational schools on
every block.