Subject: Re: Patent-based dual-licensing open source business model
From: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 14:12:40 +0900

CC list is getting a little out of control ... pruned.

Jamie Lokier writes:

 > I wonder if certain large companies (IBM, Sun) could be persuaded to
 > look at the idea for licensing their portfolies.

Hasn't IBM already *done* something about making some of its patents
available to the public?  Eg:

The fact that IBM has done it in this way makes me suspect that they
have a clear strategy in mind, and they intend to exploit their IP as
they always have done.

I really don't see what's in it for IBM or Sun to go farther.  They do
want to see noncommercial open source software, as much of that as
possible.  That's a no-lose proposition for them (I wish nVidia could
figure that out!)  On the other hand, they have a large, and
profitable, investment in their patent portolios, and in the skills to
manage those portfolios.  I don't see the overriding benefit that
would make it make sense to depreciate that skills investment to zero
overnight with a simple, across-the-board licensing policy.