Subject: Re: Patent-based dual-licensing open source business model
From: <>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 17:03:44 +0900

Thomas Lord writes:

 > wrote:

 > >  Nor is "business" an artificial activity.  It's as natural as sex.

 > That struck me as a strange way to use the word "natural" and I tried to
 > come up with another way to use the word in the same spirit.   I
 > came up with "The construction of the pyramids in Egypt was as
 > natural as sex."
 > That isn't to draw some simple equation between slavery and Egypt
 > and, say, the modern corporation.    Only to point out that using the
 > word "natural" in the context of these super-human-scale efforts is
 > fairly empty except insofar as it's full of moral hazards.

Didn't somebody just request that we think carefully about vocabulary?

The point: If you're talking about "multinational corporations", don't
say "business."  "Business" is simply the repeated act of selling a
specific set of goods or services.