Subject: Re: IC's patent-pending technology
From: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 20:35:22 +0900 writes:

 > No, but it's probably valuable to a lot of your users.  Don't you give
 > a damn about anyone but the free software fanatics?  You can give your
 > less pigheaded friends *for beer-free and with source and limited
 > source redistribution rights* the current state of the art, which they
 > will love.  Won't they?

And it goes downhill from there.  :-(  Accidental send of something I
shouldn't have written that way in the first place, and was about to
edit.  I stand by the content, but apologize for the unwarranted tone.

 > And I think you, too, would find reasons to accept the offer *under
 > some circumstances* if you looked for opportunities in the covenant

PERIOD, to put that period back where it belonged.

With sincere apologies,