Subject: Re: Software Licensing
From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 18:33:30 +0200

* Russ Nelson <>, le 27-09-06, a écrit:
> Scott Capdevielle writes:
>  > Keep in mind that I distinguish between open source and free software.  
>  > Open is very good for innovation but reserves the right to get 
>  > royalties.
> How do you reconcile the ability to demand royalties with the Open
> Source Definition?

unless this discussion is just part of the MS organized fud to confuse
the definition of open-source so that they can pretend to offer
open-source when they do not ... and other niceties.

He who changes the meaning of words is not to be trusted in any discussion.

I do not mean to imply anything, except that if you have a new
meaning, please use a less politically critical word.


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