Subject: IC's mystery patent claims
From: Thomas Lord <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 16:41:10 -0700

A community patent review shouldn't be limited to putting up
the patent and asking for prior art or ex-post-facto opinions
about what is or is not.   

Instead, when possible, it should be a statement of the maximum
number of non-patentable aspects of the problem definition and
a request for people to sketch solutions and/or pony up code.

For example, given just what we know about the IC patent
application ---

I'd want to look into adapting the bitmap rotation algorithm publicized
in the book "Smalltalk-80, The Language and its Implementation"
to convert a UTF-8 stream for bit-parallel processing.   Are there
other fairly obvious methods?   How hard, really, are any of these
to reduce to practice?   What about some of the other elements like
encoding form conversion or lexical analysis?