Subject: Re:
From: "William C. Cheng" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 15:53:15 -0500

  > I don't know whether anybody has posted this URL yet (I don't recall
  > seeing it), so check it, if you care...
  > Also, thanks to the netscape/cya/hype machine, libre software has
  > become kinda trendy suddenly:
  > 	topics include:
  > 		"Source code for the masses"
  > 		"Making Money with Free Software"
  > 		"Netscape Gives up the secret recipe"
  > 		"Evolution of a Net Community"

I've been attempting to use the term "freeware" to distinguish
certain software from GNU's "free software".  In the above article,
the writer use these two terms interchangably.  I knew my attempt
wouldn't work!  Sigh.

BTW, I agree with Russell Nelson that "freed software" is probably a
better term than "free software".  There's little chance of
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