Subject: Re: IC's patent-pending technology
From: <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:37:27 +0900

Rob Cameron writes:

 > By "mere aggregation" I thought you were referring to aggregations
 > of software packages, which is the way I've heard that term
 > used before.

Referring to that, yes, but also to things that my intuition would
consider analogous.  I'd like to know where that analogy breaks down.

 > Much as we favor pure FOSS distributions, this type of aggregation
 > is not our business.

I understand that about *your particular business*, but you're also
promoting the covenant itself as a *general model*, right?  As I
understand the document and Larry's clarifications, the document
allows the claim that "a distribution containing a free software
program embodying a patent covered by the covenant as well as a
proprietary program sold as a single product" is excluded.