Subject: GPL and liability
From: "Jonathan Shapiro" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 01:33:12 -0800

A question:

Under GPL, how can a software provider commit to accept legal and financial
liability?  Can "liability overhead" legitemately be considered part of
"service charges"?

I'm concerned here with software where the vendor may be held liable for
consequential damages and personal injury.

As a thought experiment, how could one distribute pacemaker software under
GPL?  Please note that this application certainly requires some form of
certification, and that the engineering cost of that certification *dwarfs*
the cost of building the software itself.

The motivation is that the pacemaker analogy is not far off for some of the
EROS applications, which is part of why I do not wish to use GPL for the
EROS operating system.