Subject: Re: Speculating on where the distro market is going
From: Federico Lucifredi <>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 16:19:26 -0400

Luis Villa wrote:
> (b) seems like the most likely scenario to me- IBM doesn't want to
> have the hassle of owning a distro. They just want competition to keep
> prices low and bidding competitive- that's why they kept investing in
> SUSE. It wasn't that they actually preferred suse; they just wanted to
> make sure there was a counterbalance to RH. If Oracle and Sun make
> Ubuntu an enterprise player, IBM will be thrilled- they get another
> counterbalance to RH and SUSE for free.

Agreed. And that's why I expect IBM to add Ubuntu to its 'tier-1' 
players any minute now ;-)

> Note that f IBM isn't going to buy, then there just aren't enough
> players in the space for (a) to happen.

Strictly speaking yes. But then there are always the surprises that make 
  the news more interesting than the weirdest fiction. Sap, for 
instance, could enter. And that is not the strangest option in my mind ;-)



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