Subject: Re: small worlds and better than ransom
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2007 13:51:37 +0900

La Monte Henry Piggy Yarroll writes:

 > I've always seen the lagged release of open versions as close to 
 > pessimal.

Then you've missed the point.  It's not a binary choice between
releasing under a FLOSS license now or under the Microsoft EULA.
"Proprietary" as currently defined means (more or less) "any rights
reserved except those that are reserved in the GPL".  (I detest that
terminology, but it's too late to fix it.  So I accept it.)  But there
are one heck of a lot of rights that can be less reserved than they
are in a Microsoft EULA---and still leave you with a proprietary

 > I must say that I'm a little surprised at the success of Ghostscript. 
 > How does this project get around the problems that kept Andrew from 
 > developing much of a community?

It reserved certain rights that (it believed that) it needed to
support its business model, namely commercial redistribution of any
kind.  Noncommercial redistribution was fully supported, source that
was not bound by NDA was released to the public under the Aladdin Free
Public License (a copyleft but not free software license despite the
name) pretty much immediately.