Subject: Re: offering pre-purchases
From: simo <>
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 17:32:45 -0400

On Mon, 2007-10-08 at 14:43 -0700, Thomas Lord wrote:

> My pricing for pre-purchases has three tiers:
>   $175 - individual
>   $499 - corporate, basic
>   $5,000 - corporate, premium
> Customers can mix and match and buy more than one
> at a time so, really, a customer sets their own price.
> There are three intentions behind naming specific
> prices.   One is to signal to customers some hints
> about what *I* think is a fair price.   Another is to
> create specific invoice-able items at levels that
> fit typical authorization procedures.  The third is
> to give potential customers feedback about the strength
> of the economic signal they send, relative to what
> other customers might send.

This really resembles just a patronage/donations system.
Corporations from time to time like to invest money in this way, but
they usually also like to do that with non-profit organizations as that
has implications Tax-wise.
While it is certainly a good thing to be able to help the accounting
system of a corporation, the problem here is that you are basically just
asking them to trust you
Managers have hard time to justify an expense in such cases.
It can be a somewhat easier if you are making some promise about the
outcome but making such promises is usually very tricky and risky.