Subject: Re: offering pre-purchases
From: Santiago Gala <>
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 08:09:16 +0200

El mar, 09-10-2007 a las 05:58 +0900, Stephen J. Turnbull escribió:
> La Monte Henry Piggy Yarroll writes:
>  > The $5000 option in your experiment violates this recommendation. The 
>  > core problem is that prices above $1000 force you into more expensive 
>  > sign-off processes which generally require a more active sales process.
> Tom's already recognized that (in a different context).  What would
> you suggest here?

Not really a suggestion. In my experience, it is usually difficult to
get into part time agreements for strategic consultancy, companies want
to have you sitting in a table there, always available. In my career as
a consultant I tend to end up being a contractor in a company and then
another, etc.

This could be related with such a barrier, as I can't efficiently
"serve" more than, say, three such customers at a time, which means I
should ask them amounts in the "more expensive sign-off" area, and this
leads them naturally to ask more from me (once I have been hired part
time), which leads to the contract sliding into a full time contractor
position, which I really hate, and is unstable in itself. :)

It takes a very strong effort to maintain two/three such contracts going
on at the same time.