Subject: Re: Red Hat and Free Software.
From: (Bruce Perens)
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 98 12:37 PST

From: Bob Young <>
> But for all the failings of the term Free Software, it is less confusing
> and more accurate than Open Source.

Hi Bob,

Open Source is a marketing program for Free Software. It is not a separate
movement, and there's no reason for people who _like_ the name "Free
Software" to stop using it. For example, I have not asked the Debian group
to re-label themselves as Open Source rather than Free Software.

There are a number of entities that _really_dislike_ the name "Free
Software". Netscape is one of them. So, when they free their software,
it looks as if they will call it "Open Source". If they could find a better
name, they would have used it.

Obviously, we get a bit of a publicity boost from this. You might want to
take advantage of that, but it's entirely your decision.


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