Subject: Re: Business plan for Messieurs Lord & Turnbull
From: Thomas Lord <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 09:45:59 -0700

David Welton wrote:
>> Why don't you sit down and write the "definitive" book on the
>> economics and business of free software?
> As a precaution in case anyone thinks my (early morning) note was a
> snarky response to their conversation: it was not.  I would *love* to
> see the wisdom of this list over the years distilled into an
> approachable book on the current "state of the art" in free software
> businesses.  What's been tried, what works, what doesn't, open
> questions, the underlying economics, and so on.

I think we're all flattered.   But, how about this:  *after* some of us
make a cool few million, at least, and *after* we create some jobs for
third parties -- then, the book.   Until then, I'm sorry to let you down,
but we're arguably just a bunch of blowhards ;-)

> Heck, I think it'd be fun to work on myself, just that there are more
> qualified people out there, including the two gentlemen in the
> subject, both of whom, if I'm not mistaken, are in industries where
> publishing something is valuable for one's reputation.

Proof first, then book.    And, so far, we're stuck at Stephen's argument
that no proof will be forthcoming, so.... we'll see.