Subject: Re: Business plan for Messieurs Lord & Turnbull
From: Federico Lucifredi <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:26:48 -0400

While we are on the subject,

* Ferller, Fitzgerald, Hissam and Lakhani - Perspectives on Free and
Open Source Software


* Karl Fogel - Producing Open Source Software
(which by the way is also available free online)

make my top list with Chris' Open Sources series.

Best -F

Chris DiBona wrote:
> There are a lot of books out there, many written by list members.
> Open sources and open sources 2.0, books I edited, are filled with
> essays from many list members.
> Chris
> On Oct 23, 2007 7:20 AM, David Welton <> wrote:
>>> Why don't you sit down and write the "definitive" book on the
>>> economics and business of free software?
>> As a precaution in case anyone thinks my (early morning) note was a
>> snarky response to their conversation: it was not.  I would *love* to
>> see the wisdom of this list over the years distilled into an
>> approachable book on the current "state of the art" in free software
>> businesses.  What's been tried, what works, what doesn't, open
>> questions, the underlying economics, and so on.
>> Heck, I think it'd be fun to work on myself, just that there are more
>> qualified people out there, including the two gentlemen in the
>> subject, both of whom, if I'm not mistaken, are in industries where
>> publishing something is valuable for one's reputation.
>> Ciao,
>> --
>> David N. Welton


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