Subject: First post this year?! :-)
From: "David Kaufman" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 19:39:40 -0400

Hi FSB'ers, and dementions and dementites...

Long time no post-ey, eh?  The last list post was December 31st afaict. 
Could it be?  Has everything that there is to say about free software 
business been said prior to 2008?

Okay, well if no one *else* is going to break the ice for 2008...two 

Thing One: I'm proud to report that I'm finally, happily, after like ten 
years programming perl professionally, employed by (what I might dare to 
characterize as) a "Free Software Business".  And not one that I started, 
either!  Actually I've been here going on three years, but we finally 
launched our website, so everyone have a look-see and gaze into the face of 
Free Software Business goodness.

The Erlbaum Group [], while perhaps not (yet) a 
multibillion dollar multinational mega-corporation, is however a free 
software development firm that specializes in building website content 
management systems that are tailored to each client's (mostly local 
publishing companies) unique businesses rules, information workflow, and 
interactivity needs.  We primarily extend the open source Krang CMS system 
[] and contribute gobs of code back to the 
project.  I'll be fielding questions about the business model specifics 
after the dessert...

And Thing B: (not nearly so momentous, but hey -- it's too quiet in here!)

I also just came across this old link while dusting off some very old 

  101 Ways to Make Money off Open Source

It's a bit dated, admits to be slanted toward Java, and so flippant it's 

I think if this list's subscribers had a Wiki (and, well you know, if 
anyone was still *subscribed* to this list, of course) then we could 
update, improve and extend this list to one thousand in one ways without 
breaking a sweat.

Hope you're all well, and free, and in business, and all that.

-dave, listening for the sound of something more than crickets