Subject: Re: Example for displayng entity data based on condition given in drop-down in xml
From: "Ben Tilly" <>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 22:18:13 -0700

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 7:50 PM, nagasubba reddy
<> wrote:
> i wanted to display entity fields based on conditions given through drop down
> list.
> it is like searching data based on some condition.
> can anybody give me solution through <form> in xml how can i do this?
> thank u in advance.

I'm sorry, but you seem to have mistaken this semi-defunct discussion
list as a help desk.  It is not.  And then you proceeded to ask a
question that indicates little except the fact that you're deeply
confused about the technologies you're trying to use.

I can do little for you except suggest that the list of technologies
you have available to you likely involves at least one programming
language of some kind.  It would be helpful for you to discover which
one, then try to learn something about how it works.  After that, then
you might try applying it to figure out how to accomplish the task you
have.  Without knowing more about your local environment, I cannot
guess what language that might be, advise you further, or be of any
significant assistance.  Nor can anyone else.

Please note that this reply is NOT an invitation to try to share more
about your exact problem in the hope that someone will help you.  This
list is not a help desk.  If you have question about how to run
businesses that use, support and/or create free software, this would
be a good place to ask.  But it is not a place to become unconfused
about how to create software that does what you want.

Good day,