Subject: Re: Patent prior art database
From: Randy Kramer <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 16:06:01 -0400

On Wednesday 02 July 2008 03:50 pm, Randy Kramer wrote:
> I'm looking for a place where I can publish some ideas so as to (if they are 
> not already patented), show some prior art so they cannot be patented.
> Suggestions on such places and the best approach?

Sorry, forgot to mention that I have Googled and looked at a few things (like 
the TEKPAD and the EFF's Patent Busting Project, but they are not quite what 
I'm looking for.  (TEKPAD is more for "ecological" indigenous knowledge, and 
the EFF project seems to focus on searching for prior art to invalidate 
specific patents.)

No obvious answer on the other links I've looked at.

Randy Kramer