Subject: Re: Competition by internal expertise for F/OSS vendors
From: Thomas Lord <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 16:15:52 -0700

Rich Bodo wrote:
> And Thomas, I do remember the NIC, and the Javastation (used to keep 
> that one on my shelf long after it became useless just because it was 
> so beautiful).

I had a NIC on a shelf for the longest time for a
similar reason.   Recently had to move to a smaller
apartment and it fell (just barely) on the wrong side
of the line and so got passed off to a hipster/progressive
computer recycling outfit that I *hope* noticed what they
got and stuck it in the "re-use" pile (but I'll never know for
sure, probably).

Sorry, I guess that's mostly off topic but in the
"Capitalist Appreciation Society" aspect of FSB,
I guess it's noteworthy that in that society ("big dog
capitalists") Ellison was one of the first generation to
really get it.   The early NASD and X terminal industries
were similar "ahead of their time" experiments.

There's interesting history further back than that.  The
original unix guys were working for suits who were imagining
that personal computing would be individual time-sharing accounts
on systems run by the phone company....   Efforts such as the
BLIT terminal relate to that early vision.