Subject: Re: Competition by internal expertise for F/OSS vendors
From: Russ Nelson <>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 22:55:49 -0400

Stephen J. Turnbull writes:
 > I think it's pretty likely that the next generation of phones (the
 > ones that come with the mind-killer of TV) are going to kill
 > personal computers as we know them pretty much dead.  You take your
 > phone home, you put it into its cradle, it provides the brains and
 > connectivity that drive the keyboard and TV^H^Hmonitor on the desk.

I'm MUCH less confident of that.  Anything portable is going to have
less resources than anything stationary (just like fiber optic cable
has more bandwidth than anything using a radio).

 > the absolute disaster that Sharp turned the Zaurus into,

Sharp's fault, not the platform's fault.

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