Subject: Fwd: Intel: Can you market an open source project?
From: Lee Fisher <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 12:50:32 -0800

"Can you market an open source project?"
Tracey M. Erway and Nithya A. Ruff
Intel and Synopsys

FYI, a talk from Intel (and Synopsys), using open source for hardware 
products, from the recent Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELC-E'12). 
Video and slides at below URL.

Nothing earth-shattering in the presentation, just nice to see Intel 
giving talks like this. :-)

Good thing it's from the Yocto project, not Tizen or MeeGo. :-)

Thanks to Free Electrons, IMO an excellent example of a 'FSB', for 
providing the videos.

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Subject: Videos of the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 21:17:41 +0100
From: Michael Opdenacker <>
To: CE Linux Developers List <>


Here are the videos of the latest edition of the Embedded Linux
Conference Europe (ELC-E):

Make sure you don't miss the upcoming ELC next month. The early bird
rate for ELC expires soon by the way.

You can download videos for the topics you're most interested in and
view them during your flight to ELC ;)

Thanks to Thomas Petazzoni who took care of most of the video encoding
and publishing work!


Michael and

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