Subject: Re: Thoughts on GPL
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 26 Feb 1998 15:56:57 -0000

William C. Cheng writes:
 >   Russell Nelson <> wrote:
 >   |  > Note that EGCS cannot be readily found from the Web site.  Cygnus
 >   |  > clearly does not view the project as important to their core
 >   |  > positioning.  
 >   | 
 >   | Maybe you have to pay them money in order to get it?  Just because
 >   | software is freely copyable, that doesn't mean that it's automaticly
 >   | free of charge.
 > I though that under GPL, although the software may not be free, the
 > source code is.  So, if a person (not necessarily a customer) asks for
 > the source code, you have to make it available free of charge.  Or are
 > you only obligated to make source code available to customers?

You are only obliged to make source code available to people who have
the binary, and you are not obliged to give either to anyone at no
cost.  As the FSF says again and again, "free" software is not about
price, it's about freedom.  And as patriots have noted throughout
history, freedom is never free (of cost).

-russ <>
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