Subject: Re: Thoughts on GPL (sales/marketing issues)
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 3 Mar 1998 22:25:07 -0000

John Gilmore writes:
 > It would seem to say that you can't build *any* software company
 > without a sales/marketing organization -- which is probably true.
 > Even a one-man consultancy has one salesman, selling his or her
 > expertise.

I know.  Sometimes I wonder if a salesman could sell my time in such a 
manner as to pay their own salary and pay me more as well.  :)

 > In fact, where I've seen this happen is in the proprietary world.
 > AT&T used a huge marketing budget to convince lots of clueless people
 > that "System V" was the only kind of Unix to have.  Despite the fact
 > that only Berkeley Unix had made Unix usable on modern computers and
 > modern networks, dozens of companies had to switch their brand of Unix
 > to "System V" so it would sell to the drones, who controlled budgets.

And thusly Sun walked away from SunOS into the Solaris tarpit.

-russ <>
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