Subject: Re: Thoughts on GPL
From: Greg Stark <>
Date: 05 Mar 1998 02:02:54 -0500

Keith Bostic <> writes:
> I don't think so -- my understanding, pending correction from
> John, is that they did not write their software from scratch
> (or even, initially make significant additions to the already
> existing software.)
> The original statement was that you can't recover development
> costs using the GPL model.  Cygnus had few development costs to
> recover, when they started, and what development costs they had
> scaled with their customer base as they only added development
> costs as part of a new contract with a customer.

Cygnus does a lot of development. Typically it goes like this, I need a new
port of gcc, i sign contract for a large sum of money, Cygnus writes my port,
we're both happy and gcc gains a new port. 

Advocates of Free software aren't going to try selling the software as a
commodity, they sell the service of writing the software.