Subject: Re: Apache and GIMP
From: Tim Wicinski <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 17:44:52 -0500

------ Scott Goehring, <> writes

    On a related topic: I'm taking a lot of heat from some sectors on the
    question of whether we should support and/or encourage a Windows 95/NT
    port.  Some of Gimp's more ardent supports are steadfastly opposed to
    the idea because "making Gimp available to Windows users undermines
    the free software movement."  

while i don't run M$ products, but more people do than don't, as you

i think the GIMP on win-32 is a fine idea.  

one thing that is becoming obvious with free s/w is the lack of
reasonable user interfaces on products. GIMP is a step in the right
direction.  but there is still a chasm there that has to be crossed
before free s/w will gain a level of respectability (this is the biggest
complaint i've heard from people i'v foisted various programs on before
- "free s/w is clunky"). 

and the Macintosh is another excellent platform.  when i worked at 3DO
(back before it was called 3do and had a few other lame acronyms) we had
people using macintosh based tools and SGI based tools, and the
interaction between the two of them was always the biggest pain for the