Subject: taking heat for doing Windows
From: Daniel Nachbar <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 18:24:05 -0500

>  ... I'm taking a lot of heat from some sectors on the
> question of whether we should support and/or encourage a Windows 95/NT
> port. ...

That approach had substantial merit back when there was
still flux in the desktop market.  When the market was
still deciding which platform to use, luring them to open platforms
was a good idea.  But the market has decided.  The argument
holds no water today.

My guess is that the brass at MS have a pretty good laugh when they
hear the purist talk.  And the joke is on us if we think that our apps
will be so incomparably fabulous as to lure people off of Windows.
The inertial forces are huge.  To ignore them is folly.

If we grant MS unchallenged dominance in apps by refusing to
produce competitive free products on Windows, we abandon the
largest segment of market to MS for both OS's and apps.

MS would like nothing better.

Daniel Nachbar
Public Software Institute