Subject: Re: taking heat for doing Windows
From: Scott Goehring <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 23:29:14 -0500

"Kragen" == Kragen  <> writes:

Kragen> Well, I can show graphics artists the GIMP, say "you need
Kragen> Linux, FreeBSD, or a workstation for this", and get them to
Kragen> install Linux.  (In theory.  I haven't done it yet.)  I
Kragen> suspect that a lot of them actually will do this, especially
Kragen> if they aren't terribly computer-literate.

Kragen> Perhaps someone who's tried this can comment.

It works, sometimes.  However, it rarely works if the artist tends to
work with an established prepress agency (most of whom expect
Photoshop), or if the artist uses his or her computer for more than
just art.  In short, the only people it converts are starving artists
who just want a free ride and who have minimal time and money
investment in their existing software.  (There are exceptions; I know
of a few film studios that use the Gimp, but they have the technical
expertise to rarely need outside support anyway.)  

Kragen> If you think you're going to challenge Microsoft's dominance
Kragen> on apps on a Microsoft OS, you're just fooling yourself.

It's my opinion that the best venue for challenging Microsoft's
dominance is the United States District Court for the District of
Columbia.  But that is neither here nor there.

Kragen> Nevertheless, I think it would be somewhat unethical -- from
Kragen> the point of view that people ought to be able to do what they
Kragen> want on their own computers -- to obstruct the construction of
Kragen> a Win32 GIMP.  And a Win32 GTK might actually be a significant
Kragen> boon to the image of open-source software.

I haven't looked into it closely; however, I have heard of people
semi-successfully running the Gimp using CygWin32 and a third-party
Windows X server.  A native implementation of GDK would be nice, and I
have heard rumors (nothing official, mind you) that Netscape might be
willing to help with that, presumably because there's a whole crowd of
people just itching to port Mozilla to GTK the instant Netscape
releases the code, and a Win32 GTK port will be critical to making the
resulting product usable on Win32 platforms, which represents the lion
share of Netscape's customer base.  (Whee, was that a long enough
sentence, or what?)