Subject: Re: taking heat for doing Windows
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 22:03:15 -0800

At 15:24 -0800 on 3/20/98, Daniel Nachbar wrote:

> >  ... I'm taking a lot of heat from some sectors on the
> > question of whether we should support and/or encourage a Windows 95/NT
> > port. ...

I don't tend to do much with Windows, but that has mostly to do with
my personal tastes in OSs and my feelings about monopolies.  In the
general case, I think that it is probably a Good Thing to encourage
the availability of source-available freeware on Windows, just as I
like seeing it on Mac OS (and for that matter, proprietary Unices).

Once Joe Sikspak begins to realize that source-available freeware is
more likely to continue working, get enhancements and bugs fixes,
etc., than shareware, snareware, and the "binary-only "freeware" he
is used to, he *may* start using it in preference to them.


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